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Express your Terroir

My job is to develop and express your terroir into wine with holistic approach.

I can identify opportunities and convert issues into ideas.

Contract winemaking available.
If you produce < 200,000 bottles, you probably don't need a full time Winemaker...


I'm Salvatore,

an Italian independent Winemaking Consultant with 20 years and 34 vintages of experience in 7 countries of both hemispheres.  

I've been working in UK in the last 8 years.

Your Success is my Success!

My unique approach is not only what differentiate me but also what make me and my clients successful by loving what we do.

I only work with selected wineries and with projects I fall in love with.

Every company is different and I offer a personalised specific range of services according to conditions and targets.

facilitate changes to achieve the vision while I optimise quality performances and productivity within the team. 

© 2021-22 by Salvatore Leone - Winemaking consultant

Hi, I'm...
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Contract Winemaking

What I Do

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